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Welcome to ‘Crafters Corner’, an area where fellow paper flower makers, crafters and sellers can access informative ebooks and information that I have put together to help you along your way in creating your own little craft businesses.

After seven years of doing this alone, I have learned so much along the way and I feel that I am now able to relay so much information to you all. Information that’s taken me years to understand myself and that’s all proven crucial in giving me the abilty to keep going through the most difficult of times and to create my own business from scratch and without having a huge bank balance to start off with!

A business that has enabled for me to quit my day job and bring in thousands of customers, maintain a two – three month waiting list and to manage life outside of my business during stressful times!

From overcoming self doubt and procrastination (the biggest killers of success!), goal planning, visualisation and manifesting, dealing with difficult customers and finding ways to ‘keep going’ when things go wrong or when you feel like throwing in the towel.

I’ve been working hard on setting up a Facebook subscription group giving paper flower crafters in particular a head start in setting up their own businesses, spoon feeding you along the way and being a mentor for you all so that you too can follow my pathway. Click the ‘Subscription’ tab for further information relating to this. I’m really excited about it and all of the information that I have listed in this section will be free within the group for my subscribers.