Let me teach you how to set up your own small businesses selling your handmade floral creations!!

Hi there, I’m Mikaela!!

In September 2023 I decided to finally take the plunge and offer a Facebook subscription group to people like you, who have a passion for crafting and want to set up or grow your existing businesses selling your floral designs. This was down to a number of reasons…

1. I was being asked so many questions about how I set up, how I make the flowers, how I’ve been able to grow and maintain a waiting list, how I set up my social media shops and pages, how I manage to sell them, where I purchase my resources, how and why I started up and how to actually make my designs.

2. I’ve built up a wealth of knowledge over the past seven years and I feel that I can help so many people to follow my footsteps in being able to do the same. From making the decision and getting started to building social media pages, a website, an Etsy shop, managing life around a small business, especially with you own children and family commitments and creating new designs that people love!

3. I love to teach and educate people. I have a strong desire to help other crafters to be successful too and to be a part of their journey, supporting you, mentoring you and guiding you along the way.

What I offer within the group:

  • Tutorials showing you how to make my own designs. Designs that really helped my business to take off and gain 80,000 followers plus on social media and regular sales leading to a two-three month waiting list…constantly!
  • My very own templates that I designed myself enabling you to create my bestselling paper flower and floral displays.
  • Permission to sell the designs that you have made using my templates.
  • Regular updated information based on where to buy your materials – years of trial and error to find the best products from my own research and experiences.
  • Tips and tricks when paper flower crafting and using a Cricut/Canva.
  • A personal contact number so that you can get in touch with me any any time for help and support. I also offer monthly reviews to keep you going and advise on your next steps and goals.
  • A group of like minded, supportive and inspiring crafters where you can discuss your designs, issues, queries, experiences and successes.
  • Information regarding setting up your own shops and socials and where else you can advertise.
  • How to advertise without being to ‘salesy’.
  • How to target your ideal customers and how to decide who this is, focusing your products and sales directly with those people in mind.
  • How to use ads on your socials.
  • How to pack and post your designs which has taken me years to perfect without them getting damaged.
  • How to have confidence in what you do and to stop procrastinating and doubting yourself.
  • How to manifest your way to success. A process which I strongly believe in and no it’s not magic! It takes effort and I will be breaking this down.
  • How to use equipment such as a Cricut and printers when creating your designs and making them super unique.
  • How to set goals and stick to them.
  • How to use visualisation and self belief to get where you want to be.
  • How to juggle life with a small business, especially if you are a busy Mum like me!
  • How to shift your mindset from being that person full of self doubt and lacking confidence to getting it done!
  • Permission to advertise your designs in one of my Facebook groups dedicated to floral designs with approximately 4k members.
  • E-books with so much information that you can download and read through when you need to feel inspired and motivated.
  • You can also join if you have your own floral designs and need help and motivation when it comes to setting up your small business and advertising your designs.

There is more that I can add but I’m running out of space!

The information that I send out within this group will be a timeline of tasks, goals and challenges to keep you on track, to keep you going and to have faith in yourselves that you CAN do this and I will be mentoring you all to get there! I will be uploading information consistently each week so that there is new information for you to view regularly. It won’t all be there in one go. It will be a process over time and I can’t wait to welcome you all in! You can access the group files and work through them at your own pace.

P.S. Once you hit the subscribe button, you will need to head over to my Facebook Group where all of the action will be taking place and you DON’T need to be from the UK to join :

 Pretty Little Petals UK SUBSCRIBERS ONLY | Facebook

If you prefer to pay an annual fee in one go, head over to this link. Payment plans are also available!

Facebook Group Subscription – Pretty Little Petals UK

Please allow upto 24 hours for your request to be accepted in the Facebook Group and please make sure to include the email address when requesting access that you used when setting up the subscription.

I hope to see you over there! The SUBSCRIBE button is shown below and it costs £19.99 per month if you prefer to pay monthly.